Trampoline Assembly Service in Philadelphia Tri-State Area

While providing hours of fun for kids and adults of all ages, trampolines can be extremely dangerous if they’re not properly assembled. These systems come with a lot of parts, pieces and hardware supplies that all need to fit together perfectly. It is best to hire a professional trampoline assembly service company to ensure the utmost safety of all who use it. Tri-State Assembly has 15+ years of experience in trampoline assembly, as well as playsets, swing sets, toys and much more! Our assembly company services residential properties throughout Philadelphia, New Jersey and Delaware. If you’re getting a new trampoline or want to replace an outdated one, call 267-207-8655 to schedule an assembly service today!

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Trampoline Assembly, Installation & Setup

If you’re looking to set up a new trampoline in your backyard, Tri-State Assembly has experience with all makes, models and shapes. We have experience with above ground round, square, rectangle and oval shapes, as well as inground trampolines. Our technicians will also assemble and put together enclosures, added features and extra accessories. We provide top-notch installation, assembly and setup services for residential and commercial types of trampolines. After your trampoline has been put together and set up in the proper location, we will perform a safety inspection, test the item and properly display safety labels. Safety is our #1 priority.

Trampoline Repair, Disassembly & Relocation Handyman

Outdoor play equipment and trampolines require routine maintenance inspections & repairs to ensure the utmost in safety and longevity. Tri-State Assembly is available for parts replacement, safety audits and general repair & maintenance services for your trampoline. If you’re replacing an old model, we can disassemble and remove the item and properly dispose of the parts for an additional fee. Further, if you’re moving, we can provide trampoline relocation services in the Philadelphia tri-state area. Trampoline relocation includes the breakdown of the toy, transport to your new home and reassembling it again.

Tri-State Assembly specializes in the assembly of residential & commercial trampolines, gym equipment, indoor/outdoor furniture, mailboxes and products. Our assembly company serves all of Philadelphia, New Jersey and Delaware. Go to our services page to see a list of furniture, items & equipment we can assemble. If you don’t see your product on our list, give us a call at 267-207-8655, we can provide assembly service for you! Contact us to schedule an appointment for a furniture assembly service.

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