Spring Assisted Basketball Goal Adjustment

Whether you’re teaching a young child the beginner steps of proper basketball techniques, or you coach a youth camp, the key to correct shooting is appropriate rim height. Adjusting the rim to the right height for a players’ size and strength is the best way to reinforce skills and promote accurate form. A spring assisted basketball adjustment system is the perfect upgrade for any size or style goal. It is designed to neutralize the weight of the backboard and rim, which makes cranking effortless, even for a 5-year-old!

Spring Assist Goal Features
- Effortless crank adjustment
- Easy to read rim height indicator
- Weather resistant – no rusting

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Benefits of Spring Assisted Basketball Adjustment Systems

If you’re looking for a lightweight, yet durable system to adjust the height on your basketball hoop, spring assisted adjustment is the best option. The system is designed to neutralize the weight of the backboard and rim, which makes adjusting the height effortless! Two coil springs inside of a steel cylinder compress as the backboard is lowered creating resistance. The resistance minimizes the pressure on the crank handle making it possible for even a small child to move the height up or down freely. A standard glass backboard can weigh 250 lbs., which would be extremely difficult for an adult to crank without the spring assist feature!

Professional Installation Spring Assist Adjustable Basketball Goal

Spring adjustable basketball systems can be added to any brand, make or model hoop. Tri-State Assembly has over 15 years of experience in the sales, assembly and installation of basketball hoop systems, features and upgrades. Whether you have an existing hoop you want to add a spring assisted adjustment to or you’re buying a new basketball system, Tri-State Assembly can help through the entire process. We are an authorized dealer for Ironclad & First Team, We install Mega Slams, Pro dunk, Ryval, Escalade sports, Goalrilla, Goalsetter, Lifetime, Silverback, Goaliath, City Hoops, Spalding, Proformance Hoops and much more. Our adjustable system installation comes complete with a rim height sticker for clear visual height accuracy.

Call our Philadelphia, PA office (267-207-8655) or send us an email to schedule a consultation at your residential or commercial property. We will inspect the area you want to install the basketball system to decide the best height (54”, 60” or 72”) and whether it is best to go in ground, above ground or wall mounted. Our technicians are available throughout Philadelphia, the surrounding counties, New Jersey and Delaware. For more information on our assembly and installation services, visit our Assembly Services page or give us a call today!