Powdercoat Basketball Hoop System Protection

Standard across the industry due to its toughness and weather resistant abilities, each steel component in your basketball system is protected with a semi-gloss black powder coat finish. Powdercoat basketball hoop protection is far superior to wet painted products, because of its durability and resistance to scratching and chipping. Powdercoat protection is done at the time of construction by the manufacturer; please let us know in advance if you would like this feature so we can recommend models where it comes standard.

Powdercoat Protection Features:
- Industry best for chip & scratch resistance
- UV resistant against fading
- Coating applied electrostatically
- Baked directly onto steel at 400 degrees

powder coat

Benefits of Powdercoat Basketball Hoop Protection

If you’re looking to maintain the look, aesthetic and durability of your basketball hoop system, choose a model that is complete with powdercoat protection. The semi-gloss black powder coat finish is UV stable & fade resistant, ensuring your hoop system maintains its sleek design for years to come. Further, since it provides better scratch/chip resistance than standard coating, the inner steel is not exposed to rain or humidity, preventing rust for many years. The benefits of powdercoating are unmatched, making this the standard for all reputable brands in the industry including Ironclad, Pro Dunk, Spalding, Goaliath and more.

Process of Adding Powder Coat

The process of adding powder coat to a basketball system is long, tedious and requires several steps. It is done by the manufacturer at the time of production and cannot be replicated at the time of installation. Every steel component is hung on a conveyor line that slowly moves the parts through the process. First, the parts are cleaned & sprayed with a positively charged powder, which is attracted to the steel. Next, this powder is “baked” onto the steel at 400 degrees. During the baking, the powder melts into a thick film, evenly coating the steel, cooled and moved out of the oven. This final layer is the thicker, more durable powder coating used on many residential & professional-grade basketball systems today.

Whether you want to install a new basketball hoop or upgrade a current model, Tri-State Assembly is an authorized dealer for a range of quality manufacturers. If you would like a basketball hoop with a powdercoat finish, please let us know during your initial consultation so we can recommend the correct models. Our technicians serve Montgomery County PA, Bucks County PA, Chester County PA and Delaware. Call 267-207-8655 for more information or do book a no obligation consultation today.