Mailbox Assembly & Installation

Professional Mailbox Installation in Bucks County & Philadelphia PA

Your mailbox is usually the first thing people notice, because they are looking for your property number as they approach your residence or business. Give a classy and clean first impression with professional mailbox installation services by Tri-State Assembly. If your mailbox is leaning, the painting is chipped or the foundation is not sturdy, our installation technicians can expertly assemble & install a brand-new mailbox. Tri-State Assembly has over 15 years of experience; our technicians are highly trained to assemble a wide variety of residential and commercial mailbox posts or wall mounted mailboxes. We are licensed and insured to work in all counties of Pennsylvania, as well as New Jersey and Delaware. Call 267-207-8655 to schedule a mailbox installation service.

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Assembly & Installation of Residential & Business Mailboxes

Installing a mailbox yourself can be complicated and time consuming. Further, without professional knowledge of the process, the mailbox could end up crooked or lacking a sturdy foundation. These factors leave your mailbox susceptible to premature failure. Our professional mailbox assembly and installation technicians take care of the entire process. Clients are only responsible for purchasing the mailbox of their choice, as well as supplies needed to secure the mailbox (anchor bolts) and any features or accessories. Tri-State Assembly will assemble, install and secure the mailbox, and apply the lettering & decals. For an additional cost we can haul away your old mailbox as well.

Mailbox, Furniture & Fitness Equipment Installation

As a locally owned & operated company, Tri-State Assembly is dedicated to making any assembly or installation project easy for our customers. You don’t even need to be home for the mailbox installation service as long as our installer has access to the package, water source & knows the exact location. We will make sure the mailbox meets the exact height and setback requirements for USPS and is secured with concrete. Whether you’ve ordered a custom mailbox, post mount (plastic or metal), large size, lockable or wall mount, our expert installers have the know-how to flawlessly execute the installation process.

Tri-State Assembly offers a wide range of assembly and installation services for residential and commercial properties in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. Besides mailboxes, we provide services for basketball hoop installation, gym equipment, children’s playsets, trampoline assembly, moving and hauling and so much more. If you don’t see your specific product or piece of furniture on our Services list, call 267-207-8655 – we can usually accommodate. Contact us to schedule an appointment today.

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