Heavy Duty Breakaway Basketball Rim

The rim and net that come standard with your basketball system are strong and durable enough to withstand regular game play. Upgrading to a heavy duty breakaway rim is highly recommended if your hoop is exposed to the weather elements or it will be used in an aggressive, high level or professional setting. Prevent sagging, deformities and rust by replacing your standard rim with a performance breakaway rim.

Heavy Duty Rim Features:
- 7 gauge steel construction
- Double return spring design
- Continuous net wire attachment
- Built-in finger guard


Benefits of Heavy Duty Breakaway Rim Installation

After making an incredible dunk it is extremely common for a player to hang onto the rim in celebration. When done on a standard rim this can be extremely dangerous, resulting in a broken rim, shattered glass and injury. Upgrading to a heavy duty breakaway rim ensures it will not fail, deform or warp after prolonged exposure to players hanging on the part. The design includes two return springs inside the system that compress when 165+ pounds are added to the rim. When that pressure is released, the return springs extend and bring the rim back to its original position. This feature prevents warping and deformities after prolonged periods of aggressive level of play.

Durable No-Fail Net Attachment

Breakaway basketball rim systems are equipped with a no-fail net attachment which consists of “ram horn” net connectors, the traditional, tried & true style. This method of connecting the net is reliable and safe as the ram horn style does not cut or wear out the net as quickly as a cable connection. This style of connectors allows for a quick & easy net replacement should you need to change your durable net at any time. The net included with a breakaway rim is much heavier than the traditional ones supplied by the manufacturer. Your net attachment will not only last through aggressive play but can withstand many seasons of harsh weather exposure.

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