H-Frame Tempered Glass Backboards

If you’re looking for a robust, durable backboard that will prevent vibration during play, H-Frame Backboards are a great upgrade option. H-frames are constructed with solid steel, featuring ½” thick tempered glass (standard ¼” thick). H-Frame backboards are the superior style, supporting more weight than any other backboard design. Basketball systems used in high-level or professional settings will greatly benefit from the upgrade to an H-Frame.

Tempered Glass Backboard Features:
- ½” thick tempered glass (same thickness as competition backboards)
- 2.5” thick aluminum frame (same thickness as competition backboards)
- H-Frame style supports more weight than standard backboard design

h frame

Benefits of Mounting H-Frame Backboards

H-Frame backboards are the strongest among all types of backboards. The system uses a steel “H”, which is visible behind the glass and positioned behind the shooter’s square. This type of backboard style is extremely popular among high-level play, such as travel teams, varsity high school or college settings. The “H” system provides the most protection against breakage because it is built to support and absorb 100% of the stress transferred when weight is applied to the rim. Further, the design can also prevent vibration and ensure optimal performance during game play.

Professional Tempered Glass Backboard Installation

Tri-State Assembly, located in Philadelphia, PA, can upgrade any existing standard backboard to the superior H-Frame style. Whether you purchased the basketball hoop yourself or through our professional assembly company, H-Frame backboards are a necessary feature upgrade to improve durability and performance for high level play. If you’re not sure of the best hoop system or features that will work for your needs, Tri-State Assembly is here to help! Our professionals can assist every step of the way from selecting the hoop system to ordering, installation and assembly. We are experienced with all the top brands in the industry including Ironclad, First Team, Mega slams, Escalade sports, Goalrilla, Ryval, Goalsetter, Produnk, Pro Shot, Proformance Hoops, Bison, Lifetime, Spalding and more!

Call our Philadelphia, PA office at 267-207-8655 or send us an email to schedule a no obligation consultation at your residential or commercial property. Tri-State Assembly serves all of Philadelphia, Bucks County PA, Montgomery County PA, New Jersey and Delaware. Our experts will help you decide the best size basketball system (54”, 60” or 72”), as well as the appropriate features and upgrades. For more information on our assembly and installation services, visit our furniture assembly services page or give us a call today!