Easy Crank Assisted Basketball Adjustment

The key to developing and honing in on proper shooting techniques is appropriate basketball rim height. When young players practice on rims that are too high for their size or strength, bad form and shooting techniques will develop and these habits are extremely hard to break. Set your young basketball players up for a successful career by investing in an easy crank basketball adjustment system.

Easy Crank Adjust basketball Goal Features
- Easy to reach handles
- Crank clockwise to raise, counterclockwise to lower
- Rim height indicator – stop cranking when you reach desired rim height
- Removable handle to prevent unwanted adjustment

easy crank

Benefits of Easy Crank Basketball Adjustment Systems

The easy crank system allows children and adults to effortlessly crank the rim up and down to your desired height. The handle is situated just 3 ½’ off the ground which provides access to users of all ages and heights. You can turn the handle 360 degrees to move it from the regulation height of 10’ all the way down to 5’ to accommodate even the youngest player. To add to its convenience, the crank is large with easy access for quick and simple rim height adjustment. If your basketball system does not feature a way to adjust the height of the rim, contact Tri-State Assembly to learn the difference between easy crank and spring assist adjustment systems.

Installation of Crank Height Adjustment Basketball Goal

Tri-State Assembly can install easy crank adjustment systems to any brand, make or model basketball hoop. Our technicians have over 15 years of experience in the sales, assembly and installation of hoops, Tri-State Assembly can help you through the entire process. We are an authorized dealer for all models First Team & Ironclad. We also install Mega slams, Pro dunk, Ryval, Escalade sports, Goalsetter, Goalrilla, City Hoops, Spalding, Proformance Hoops and many more. Our easy crank includes a cotter pin, which helps to prevent unwanted adjustments and keep the rim safely in place.

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