Clearview Tempered Glass Backboards

Clearview glass backboards feature a clear design for those who want an unobstructed view while playing a game of basketball. Whether the hoop system is in your driveway or a more competitive setting, a clearview tempered glass backboard gives you a totally clear view behind the hoop. The additional rim support structure usually seen behind the glass is transformed into a tubular steel frame that sits on the backside of the glass and the outermost perimeter. The addition of clearview glass backboards allows for a stunning clear view without compromising on durability or rim strength.

Clearview Glass Backboard Features:
- ½” thick tempered glass (same thickness as competition backboards)
- 2” thick aluminum frame surrounding the perimeter of glass
- Durable, clean view – no obstruction


Benefits of Clearview Glass Backboards

While the most obvious benefit of the clearview tempered glass is the ability to see behind the backboard, there are many other reasons to invest in this upgraded system feature. The strong glass is specifically designed to minimize stress when players hang on the rim, ensuring the safety of all players. In conjunction with direct rim mounting, we prevent the rim from pulling on the glass and reducing the risk of shattering. Further, the ½” thick tempered glass provides durability for even the roughest professional play. Clearview glass backboards ensure optimal performance during games, whether played in your driveway or on a professional court.

Tempered Glass Backboard Installation Specialists

Tri-State Assembly has 15+ years of experience in the sales, assembly and installation of basketball hoop systems and feature upgrades. We are an authorized dealer for all of the trusted, most popular brands in the industry including Ironclad, First Team, Produnk, Megaslams, Ryval, Dominator, Lifetime, Porter, Gared, Spalding, Gared, City Hoops and more. Whether you purchased your hoop through an independent retailer or manufacture, clearview glass backboards are a quality upgrade to improve the look and aesthetic of your court. If you’re unsure of the basketball hoop system that will work best for you use, one of our professionals will be happy to assist and guide you through the selection process.

Tri-State Assembly is locally based in Philadelphia, PA, serving the surrounding counties, as well as New Jersey and Delaware. Our expert technicians will help you decide the best size system (54”, 60” or 72”), plus the best upgrades like backboards, hardware, padding, protection and more! For more information or to schedule a consultation at your property, call 267-207-8655 or send us an email.