Bolt Down Basketball Goal Anchor Design

A bolt down basketball goal system is the perfect option when you want your hoop installed in concrete, but you want the ability to move the system at some point in the future. This high-end feature provides the utmost in stability and rigidity of the hoop and the backboard. Bolt down anchors have become the preferred installation method for homeowners who want a more competitive hoop option.

Bolt Down basketball Goal Features:
- Ability to easily remove & relocate basketball hoop
- Post installation allows for perfect leveling of nuts on anchor bolts
- Self-installation template prevents improper location of anchor bolts

Bolt down anchor design
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Benefits of Bolt Down Basketball Goal System

The two main benefits of a bolt down basketball goal anchor design is the mobility and the stability. Since the anchor bolts are imbedded into concrete you can easily remove the goal and take the system with you if you move. While a new anchor kit will need to be purchased, this is much easier than having to rip up concrete and pour a new slab at your new location. Further, this upgraded feature utilizes a multi-gusset configuration of 8+ gussets around the post for front to back and side to side stability. Standard models will typically use four or less gussets, which will suffice for basic shoot around play, but not medium to higher-level basketball.

Professional Basketball Anchor Kit Installation

Since a bolt down anchor design involves the process of pouring concrete, it is best to hire a professional to ensure it is done correctly and safely. The installation process starts by digging a hole in your desired location and pouring the concrete. While it’s still wet, we’ll submerge four or six J-bolts, a template and four/six sticks of reinforcing bar. Once the concrete has dried, a baseplate slides over the corresponding holes and is bolted down. A leveling nut is located on each anchor bolt, which allows for quick and easy leveling and ensures a perfectly straight basketball hoop installation. The final step is the assembling and installation of the basketball hoop.

Tri-State Assembly has over 15 years of experience in the assembly and installation of basketball systems from all the top brands in the industry. We serve all of Philadelphia, Bucks County, Montgomery County, Chester, Berks, Lancaster, as well as New Jersey and Delaware. To discuss a new basketball system or upgrades/add-ons to an existing hoop, call 267-207-8655 or send us an email.

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