Premium Basketball System Features & Upgrades

No matter what size basketball system is installed in your home or business, there are several key features and upgrades necessary to improve durability and performance. Depending on the use of your hoop, the experts at Tri-State Assembly will help you select the basketball system features that best suit your needs. Our professional technicians will install inground, portable, wall mounted, roof mounted gymnasium or miniature hoops at your residential or commercial property. We serve all of Philadelphia, PA, the surrounding counties of Bucks, Delaware, Chester, Berks, Lancaster, Montgomery, as well as New Jersey and Delaware. Call 267-207-8655 for more information on our basketball system and add-on feature installation services.

Tri State Assembly Basketball System Features & Upgrades
Tri State Assembly 60" Basketball Goal Systems Pennsylvania

Basketball System Features Available through Tri-State Assembly

Backboards: We offer H-Frame Backboards (tempered glass) or Clearview Backboards as an upgrade to your goal system. These upgrades allow for more support, durability and eliminate stress on the glass if a player hangs on the rim.

Adjustments: Spring assist and Easy Crank adjustments allow you to easily adjust the height of the rim to account for players of all ages and skill sets. Both options are all-weather and offer an easy to read rim height indicator built into the system.

Pole Padding: Not only does pole padding give you a clean, professional look, but it also provides a layer of safety and protection.

Protection: If your goal is going to be susceptible to harsh weather conditions, powder coat and weathershield protection are great options to prevent rust and premature failure. The coating provides resistance against chips, scratches, UV rays and rust.

Weathershield Undercoating: Undercoating is a rust proofing treatment that is applied to each steel component before it is painted. This is especially helpful in coastal areas.

Hardware: Upgrading the hardware from the store brands to the superior options helps prevent corrosion and keeps your basketball unit strong and safe for the lifetime of your basketball system.

Basketball Goal Assembly & Installation in Philadelphia, PA

Tri-State Assembly offers a number of upgraded basketball system features that will add to the performance of your hoop, as well as provided protection against the weather elements. Once you decide on the hoop system you want installed, ask a member of our team about the best upgrades suitable for your needs. For more information and to discuss basketball systems available for purchase & in stock through Tri-State Assembly from the top brands in the industry, call 267-207-8655 or send us an email.

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