WeatherSheild Undercoating Basketball Hoop Protection

Besides powdercoat protection, those investing in mid to high end basketball hoop systems will also want a unit that includes a zinc galvanizing undercoat called WeatherSheild. Basketball Hoop Weathershield Undercoating will completely protect your system against rust and help to keep its fresh, sleek black look for many years to come. WeatherSheild undercoating is done at the time of construction by the manufacturer; let us know in advance if you prefer a model with this added protection.

Basketball Hoop Weathershield Undercoating Features:
- Steel components zinc galvanized undercoat to prevent rust
- Parts dipped in zinc prior to painting – ensures 100% coverage
- Protection against rust – especially helpful in coastal areas
- Included free of charge on select Ironclad models – call for details


Benefits of Basketball Hoop Weathershield Undercoating

While WeatherSheild undercoating is beneficial for all owners of basketball systems, it is especially beneficial if you live in a warm, moist and humid environment or near coastal waters. Rainfall, humidity and salt can have damaging effects on basketball systems including premature rust and system failure. Protect your expensive hoop by investing in the added protection of WeatherSheild undercoating. During the rust proofing process, every steel part of the system is dipped in zinc prior to painting. This method ensures 100% coverage of every component and long-lasting durability and resistance against damaging weather elements.

Rust Proofing Treatment for Basketball Systems

This rust proofing treatment is highly effective in preventing damage from forming on your expensive basketball hoop system. The treatment must be applied before the components are painted to ensure each piece is 100% covered. The WeatherShield process involves dipping the components into a molten bath of zinc, which allows a thin layer to penetrate the steel and create a rust proof barrier. The barrier prevents moisture and other damaging elements from entering the system and causing premature damage. Below the black powder coat finish is a silver zinc coating that helps your basketball hoop last and look sleek for many years.

Tri-State Assembly is an authorized dealer with a range of industry recognized manufactures that offer WeatherSheild undercoating standard in purchase including all Ironclad products. Our technicians serve the following counties in Pennsylvania: Delaware, Montgomery, Bucks and Chester. For more information or to schedule a no obligation onsite consultation, call 267-207-8655.