Pole Pads for Basketball Hoops

Basketball pole pads are necessary to protect players if they come into contact with any part of the hard metal post. The padding is thick, weatherproof and covers the post and baseplate. Basketball pole padding is a necessary add-on feature for both recreational and high-level players alike. Not only does the padding provide a clean look for your hoop system but adds an essential layer of protection for all players.

Basketball Post Pad Features:
- Weatherproof for year-round protection
- 2” thick foam surrounded by black vinyl
- Sewn-in Velcro tabs for easy installation & removal

pole pad

Benefits of Basketball Hoop Pole Pads

To provide the utmost in protection, Tri-State Assembly uses ultra-thick, weather-proof padding that covers the entire post, baseplate, gussets and anchor bolts. Basketball hoop post padding is built in two parts. The first part is the vertical post pad which covers the length of the post. The second is a pyramid shaped pad used to cover the baseplate, gussets and anchor bolts at the very bottom. This two-part design ensures no hard metal is exposed. Velcro tabs are sewn into the padding, providing non-slip protection and the ability to install/remove as needed. Besides protection, basketball pole pads add a clean, sleek and professional look to your hoop system.

Professional Installation of Post Padding

Tri-State Assembly can provide post padding with the purchase and/or installation of any make, model or brand of basketball hoop systems. Our technicians have over 15 years of experience in the sales, assembly and installation of hoops, add-on features and protection upgrades. Whether you want padding protection added to an existing basketball hoop or you’re purchasing a new one that doesn’t offer this feature, Tri-State Assembly will help through the entire process. We are an authorized dealer for all major & minor brands including Ironclad, City Hoops, Spalding, Porter, Bison and more.

Call our Philadelphia PA office at 267-207-8655 to discuss the installation of a new basketball system or adding features to an existing hoop. Besides pole padding, Tri-State Assembly can help with various upgrades like easy crank or spring assist adjustability, backboard padding, weathershield protection and much more. Our technicians service Philadelphia, Bucks County, Montgomery County and Chester County, PA. Visit our Assembly Services page for more information on the items and products we can construct and install for both residential and commercial clients.