Basketball Hoop Backboard Padding

For the safety of all players, basketball backboard padding is required for all high school, college and professional level play. If you have a recreational basketball hoop in your home, you should consider installing this feature for added protection and safety. Padding is not only meant to protect players who are dunking the ball. Since basketball hoop systems are adjustable down to 5’ (padding will be at 4.5’), ground level protection must also be considered.

Backboard Padding Features:
- Weather-proof & UV resistant
- No Assembly Required
- Superior in strength & durability compared to glue on pads

Tri State Assembly Benefits Basketball Backboard Padding

Benefits for Basketball Backboard Padding

The basketball hoop backboard pads Tri-State Assembly sells are made by the best, most trusted brands in the industry. Constructed with both durability and safety at the forefront, padding is a necessary add-on for both recreational and high-level courts alike. Backboard pads are weather & UV resistant to prevent cracking, peeling or rusting. The padding we supply is bolted to the frame, which is far superior in durability & protection compared to glue-on or hard plastic bumper pads. Whether your players are at a level of dunking & protecting the rim or they’re in the very beginning stages of fundamentals, padding reduces the risk of injury during impact with the backboard.

No Assembly Durable Backboard Pads

Many of the manufactures we sell include First Team & Ironclad, we also install Mega Slams, Pro Dunk, Goalrilla, Ryval, Porter, Pro Shot, Proformance Hoops and Goliath. The pad is attached to the bottom & part way up the sides of the backboard using self-tapping screws for a durable and secure hold. When purchased directly from the manufacturer there is no drilling or installation required during hoop set up. If your system did not come with backboard padding, our technicians can easily mount pads to any existing make, model or brand. We may recommend an update to your hoop if it is very old, outdated or unsafe for play.

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